DT 13.2 - Blogging Non-School Related Photos

I am pleased with a lot of shots I got over the holidays, but it was tough to find good shots that weren't really school related! Here are some shots representing some events that took place.

On my way home from the city for the holidays. I've driven past this hydro thing pretty much every day of my life, and have always wanted to photograph it. The sky appealed t me just after the sun went down so I stopped to get some shots.

That same night I was back from the city, Altona's High School (W.C. Miller) had their annual Candlelight service. I enjoy photographing live performances in venues like this so it was a great time to get some good low light shots. Of course, I did use a shot from this for an assignment, but it wasn't strictly school related!

Derek and Jill are originally from Altona, and just recently got engaged. So they asked me to do the engagement photos. We shot at U of M and it was a really great opportunity to broaden my portfolio with some creative natural light photographs.

I went to plenty of abandoned places over the holidays, and had to leave my "assignment settings" to get photograph these. I'm glad I did.

Here is my friend Crystal. We were at one of my favourite abandoned yards, trying to capture the owl the lives there. The Owl was close to impossible, so I was satisfied with this!

I volunteer at the YFC centre in Altona, and we've gone to the Edge indoor skatepark quite a bit this year. Here's a photo of one of the Youth, Nick who is progressing greatly with skateboarding.

I took a Saturday to tour some abandoned towns and yards, and found this Sekine up against one of the homes. I fell in love as soon as I saw it, and was 90% sure it was going to come home with me, but it didn't.

Back at my favourite abandoned yard, alone this time, AND CAUGHT THE OWL! The Owl and I had such a great time playing hide and seek around the yard. But seriously, these things don't like being photographed, and can hear your shutter go from 200 yards away.

I didn't have much to do on Christmas morning, so I was hired to photograph the Bergmann's. I was really glad I got the opportunity because it gave me some more experience with my studio strobes, and photographing many people. The shoot consisted of some full group shots, as well as 7 individual family shots, and a few head shots.

The Holidays came to a close with a family Ski-trip to Red Lodge, Montana.
This was about half a mile from our Chalet, and I set the camera & tripod on the road about 50 feet away. With a 10 second timer, no wireless shutter release, and deep snow to run through, I was not going to do this more than once.
So I didn't!

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