CI 12 - Colour Block

I've always enjoyed art and design, which has always attracted me to colour. I feel that colour has a lot to do with personality, emotion, and character, and affects us without always realizing it. The colours we do or do not use, is an important decision in every situation, whether it is business/professional work, or personal/playful work, as it plays a large roll in how we feel about it.

For more professional/business oriented work, it's good to include either Black and White shades, or light/dark colours instead of really bright colours. This would depend on the type of business of course... and who your target is. Businesses usually want something catchy, while staying professional and serious about their work, so something too crazy could hint immature work, and drive clients away.

For more playful work, or something directed to a younger crowd, it would probably be good to include bright colours, and maybe lots of them. Kids are fast, busy, and loud, therefore a variety of bright colours suit more.

I find that a variety of bright colours are suited for eccentric people, and either black and white shades, or light and dark colours are suited for calm/quite people.

I find myself in the middle.
I love a lot of busy colours, but at the same time, I really like minimalism with soft colours, or shades. The reason for lots of colour is my outgoing personality, and my drive to be different. The reason for the minimalism and soft colours, is because I take me and my work seriously, and I enjoy creating professional visions.

The colours I shot:

Blue - The blue wall with fencing and shadows gives a very dark and mysterious feeling. When viewing the image, I get the sense of coldness and depth.

Cyan - Hoopers has a very attractive logo, being simple but catchy with the exaggerated "h" and the eye catching Cyan sign. The Cyan is a pretty soft colour, but grabs your eye when walking down the street, because the colour is rare to see. The Cyan in this image gives me the feeling of infinity, and surreality.

Red - Canada Post has done a great job in my opinion, of slapping a catchy design onto all of their mail boxes around the city. It's easy to see the bright red everywhere, and the busy text around the whole thing adds dimension. Even though there are accents of blue in the image, it's the red that pops out and grabs your attention. I don't really think about anything but red when I see the image. I'm pretty sure my heart rate goes up when viewing this image.

Orange - The Clothing Donation Bin pops out a lot with the single bright orange colour, and white text. It's super warm and because it's so bright, it feels busy.

Cyan / Red - The Cyan sky is a soft, clean, soothing background for allowing the important red fire hydrant to pop out at you. The two colours are very different, in the way they make me feel when I look at them. In this scene, the colours both match the way we sort of WOULD feel about the subjects. The soft blue sky is what we always wait for in a nice day. The soft and gentleness gives us hope, and joy. The red Fire Hydrant on the other hand is for use in an emergency, leaving us with a panic and busy feeling. Basically what we'd feel when there's a fire.

Warm / Warm - The sunsetting sky gives us a soft violet, red, and orangellow in this image. I feel like fire when I look at the photo. The colours are very vibrant and hot.

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